Love the Dress

I am so excited to finally be able to share this package with my past and upcoming brides! Wedding days are beautiful and exciting but also busy and exhausting. When it comes to the formal photo time of the day we are left at the mercy of typically unflattering light, limited locations, and tight time frames. This can leave the bride and groom a little unnerved and not completely at ease.

For all of my destination weddings I offer day after sessions. This is where we go out to previously scouted locations and get all of the creative and dramatic images without the typical worries of the wedding day, such as time limitations or dirtying your wedding attire before reception.  We get to take advantage of different locations and there is more time to get comfortable and therefore achieve more natural images. A day after session eliminates the need to take the bride and groom away for 2-3 hours after the family and bridal party photos. Skipping this long gap allows for couples to focus on having more time with family and friends (especially when they have travelled from afar) and allows time for a break so they can enjoy the first few moments of their new marriage and go into their reception feeling fresh and looking their best. Adding this session to their wedding collection completely distresses the day.

The wedding collection time frames stay the same but more time is allotted to different sections of the day. There are tons of ways to arrange your day with adding this session. One of my couples is adding more time to the getting ready portion and taking an hour off the wedding day formals. There are so many details that are photographed prior to the ceremony such as the shoes, the dress, your bridal party, photos with your parents etc. It’s a really special and emotional part of your day and it shouldn’t be rushed. This couple is taking what would have been straight shooting with just the two of them after the ceremony to a relaxing break of patio drinks with their wedding party before the reception. I’ll still be documenting this time for them but all of the creative, romantic photos of just the two of them will take place on another day. I have another couple that is keeping a traditional timeline but they are having a private relaxed lunch with close family and friends in a timeframe of what would have been just the couples photos. Again this lunch will still be photographed and will make for special candid images.

I am now offering Love The Dress sessions to past and upcoming brides. I have past brides that loved their wedding photos but want to get more creative and unique images and of course, have a reason to wear such a special and lets face it- expensive dress again! I have new brides adding this session to their standard wedding package so they can have later start times, enjoy more of their day with family and friends and go into a separate formal session on a day that offers optimal weather, lighting without wedding stress = better images.

*Love the dress sessions will only be offered to past brides who have deposits in by September 1st 2015 and will only be available to new brides who book wedding collections through Nicole Ashley as an add on session. For more details contact us at:

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