I first met Katie and Andre in Old Quebec for their engagement session last summer. After meeting them once I couldn’t wait to photograph them again. The team and I shared their special day with them at the stunning Azuridge Estate Hotel located in Calgary, Alberta. So many thoughtful details and care went into this day. I am thankful to have be apart of this wedding and have witness two incredible human beings share their vows in front of their closest family and friends.

Hair & Makeup: Stefanie Carlson & Janna Huget.

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1. Wedding-Day- Photos 2. Cute- Wedding-Gifts 3. Cute-Wedding-Vows 4. Wedding-Gift-Ideas 5. Wedding-Gift-Ideas 6. Love-Wedding-Gifts 7. Wedding-Getting-Ready 8. Best- Wedding- Photographer 9. Wedding- Dress 10. Bride 11. Wedding- Photography 12. Wedding- Ideas 13. Azuridge- Hotel 14. Luxury- Wedding- Azuridge- Hotel 15. Wedding- Makeup 16. Wedding- Dress- Gorgeous 17. Best- Wedding- Photographer 18. Amazing- Wedding- Photos 19. Bride- Best- Wedding 20. Getting- Ready- Wedding- Photos 21. Best- Destination-Wedding- Photographer 22. Destination- Weddings 23. Wedding- Photos- Dad 24. Cute- Wedding- Ideas 25. Azuridge- Luxury- Hotel- Calgary 26. Amazing- Destination- Weddings 27. Calgary- Wedding- Photographer 29. Best- Calgary- Wedding-Photos 30. Cute- Wedding- Photos 31. Groom- Weddings 32. Wedding- Decor- Ideas 33. Calgary- Wedding- Photographer 34. Azuridge-Calgary-Wedding- Photographer 35. Father-Son-Weddings 36. Stunning-Wedding-Photos 37. Calgary-Azuridge-Hotel-Weddings 38. Azuridge- Weddings- Calgary 39. Best- Weddings- Azuridge- Hotel 40. Calgary- Wedding- Photographer 41. Amazing- Wedding- Photography 42. Edmonton- Wedding- Photographer 43. Calgary- Luxury- Weddings 44. Azuridge- Luxury- Wedding- Hotel 45. Best- Destination-Wedding- Photographer 46. Azuridge- Hotel- Wedding- Venue 47. Best- Wedding- Venue- Calgary 48. Amazing- Wedding- Photography 49. Azuridge- Luxury- Hotel-Weddings 50. First- Kiss- Wedding 51. Azuridge- Calgary- Hotel- Wedding 52. Best- Wedding- Calgary- Venues 53. Fall- Wedding- Photos 54. Best- Wedding- Photographer 55. Nicole- Ashley- Edmonton- Wedding- Photographer 56. Best- Calgary- Wedding- Photos 57. Best- Destination- Weddings 58. Wedding- Bouquets 59. Cute- Wedding- Ideas 60. Best- Calgary- Wedding- Photographer 61. Amazing- Destination- Wedding- Photos 62. Nicole- Ashley- Calgary-Photographer 63. Bride-Groom_weddings 64. Nicole- Ashley- Wedding- Photographer 65. Azuridge- Luxury- Wedding- Hotel- Calgary 66. Reception- Wedding- Decor 67. Best- Wedding- Decorations 68. Wedding- Receptions- Calgary 69. Nicole- Ashley- Wedding- Photographer 70. Calgary- Wedding- Photographer 71. Amazing- Destination- Weddings 72. Best- Calgary- Wedding- Photos 73. Best- Destination- Wedding- Photos 74. Calgary- Wedding- Photographer 75. Amazing- Destination- Weddings 76. Azuridge- Calgary- Hotel 77. Stunning- Wedding- Photos 78. Calgary- Wedding- Venues 79. Popcorn- Bar- Reception 80. Azuridge- Hotel- Calgary 81. First- Dance 82. Best- Wedding- Photos 83. First- Weddings- Dance- Songs 84. Best- First- Dance- Songs 85. Azuridge- Hotel- Calgary- Weddings

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