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Nicole Ashley Presets | Lightroom & ACR

 99 CAD

Nicole Ashley Presets | Adobe Lightroom & Camera Raw (ACR) Introducing a selection of presets that have been almost a year in the making. Nicole's unique retouching set of Adobe Lightroom and Camera Raw (ACR) presets are finally here. Infused with rich pinks and cooled with blue tones, this preset pack was designed for the romantic artist with a creative edge. Each preset has been developed to complement one another so photographers can easily use more than one (if need be) in a set to give a consistent look in different lighting scenarios. This harmonious set gives images the grit and depth desired for moodier photos yet work for all types of photography genres- from weddings to family, to fashion portraits. This unique pack includes five-color, three black & white and 2 lightroom adjustment presets for artists to play with.

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A common complaint I have heard over the years from vendors such as professional makeup artists, florists, and designers, is that most presets that photographers have been using often alter the color tones of their work drastically. I've even heard this feedback from clients feeling disappointed that their hair color appeared warmer or that their makeup (especially lipstick) wasn't how it looked in real life. How sad is that? It was important for me to create a set of presets that honored the careful choices of my clients and their vendors. These incredibly easy to use presets work best on slightly brighter files but can be easily adjusted. These were designed to speed up your workflow while retaining a boutique high-end feel. Simply adjust your exposure and temperature to get the desired look you want. This set is compatible with ACR7 and above(CS6 & CreativeCloud) and Lightroom 3 and above. Lightroom and ACR install instructions are included. Once purchased, an automatic email will be sent which includes the zip file for download. All sales are final as presets are sent as an automatic download. Please be respectful and do not share or trade these presets. Not only is it bad karma, but months of hard work has gone into developing and testing these. Thank you so much! x