We did a virtual mentoring session around this time last year, and you gave me some incredible information that I was able to put into practice and grow my business throughout 2021 in ways I never expected. I’ve decided that, at the end of April, I’m going to leave my full-time job and focus on photography. That will give me time to reach three years in my current position and save a little bit more money for my business and our wedding in July. This is a big, slightly terrifying step for me, but I think it’s the right decision at this stage. I’ll also never know unless I give it a try!
Thank you again for all of the advice you shared with me. You gave me a big confidence boost in my work and business abilities, and I’m grateful for you taking the time to do that.



We honestly cannot say enough about Nicole! After we met Nicole while travelling for our sisters’ wedding, we saw how amazing she was at not only photography but also just as a person. Although we had an intimate wedding, we were truly honoured to have Nicole (and Jon) present on our wedding day – they became like family. Nicole was able to capture such small and romantic moments and looking through our wedding album allowed us to relive our day in such a special way. Not only does she have a gentle way of making everyone feel so comfortable, but she was also very flexible. She trooped through a long walk into the ravine for our ceremony, and then stood out in the rain for 20+ minutes while we waited for the sky to clear. She was so positive and really embraced what she had to work with. It was honestly our pleasure working with Nicole and her team!!


Nicole was one of the very first vendors we booked when we began planning our wedding. Her eye for creating romantic, creative images and her laid back personality was the perfect fit for the timeless yet modern vision we had in mind for our wedding photography. She is not just a photographer, she is an artist.


I just wanted to send you one last email to thank you for everything. It makes me kind of sad that we won’t be emailing each other anymore. We’ve been communicating for so long now, I’ll miss you.Thank you again for doing these pictures with us, they mean a lot to us! Ever since my diagnosis and brain surgery, I couldn’t find one picture of myself that I liked. And seeing the pictures you created gave me a boost and it was kind of marking a milestone, as I wanted to have my pain under control as much as possible before doing more photos.You are an amazing photographer (not that you need me to tell you that) and we are so happy with all the photos. I was pretty nervous heading to our session but 10 minutes in, I felt so comfortable. You definitely put me at ease and really you’re just pretty awesome! So glad to meet you and hopefully we cross paths again xo


I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for everything today. What an amazing experience! I feel that every woman should do a shoot like this. After my separation I’ve been going through many of life’s up and downs and a big part of it is learning who I am. This shoot today made me feel like this was a little piece of my journey of self-discovery. It’s amazing how  your  career can impact people on such a personal level. Thank you for everything so far. You have an amazing friendship with your girls I can tell, and that is something I admire greatly and hope to build in my near future too. From your website and our visit today I can tell that you are a very gifted and talented photographer and I’m happy that I was able to have my first shoot with the best.Today I feel beautiful. Today I feel sexy. And Today I feel confident. I have you and your team to thank for that.


Let me begin by saying thank you for your gift today. You have no idea how amazing you made me feel. The gift of appreciating my body and all its beautiful imperfections is something I will be eternally grateful for. I was so incredibly nervous, I almost ran away when Stefanie opened the door. But as soon as the most amazing women I have ever encountered met me, I was instantly put at ease. Your ability to make me laugh when I was at my most vulnerable is something I will remember forever. I have always been insecure about my body, my eyes and my freckles, but today, for the first time, what has been hidden inside broke through.I cannot wait to show my husband these photos and to show him for the first time, that I can be confident in my own skin.  I hope that in the future you can take my photos again because you are an angel disguised as a talented, compassionate photographer.  Again, thank you.

– Jennifer –

Thank you for your time today. You made me feel beautiful, important and a lot less awkward than I thought. You are all such lovely women, inside and out, so thank you also for sharing some of your stories with me. I feel like all of your clients must tell you that they feel like they know you and feel like they are your friends. You are all so amazing it’s hard not to feel that way. You changed a chubby self-conscious girl into a supermodel today. That’s something I’ll have forever. So now you must be my friends because I think friends are people who you trust and who make you feel better about who you are. I smiled my whole drive home. Again, many thanks and much appreciation.

– Celene –

Working with Nicole was such a pleasure. Right from our first consult regarding our engagement photos and wedding photos, she showed such professionalism and an amazing talent. Her ideas are unique and her opinions are honest. It was refreshing to work with her and she makes an effort to portray her clients in such a way that it really reflects who they are. We had a blast working with her and the results are more than we could have dreamed of. She is an amazing artist and we can’t wait to work with her again.

– Justin-

Who knew I could laugh that much at a photoshoot! All I can say is wow…I was blown away. I was so nervous for my boudoir shoot. I’m not skinny or considered to be ‘gorgeous’, but this was a bucket list thing for me- and I wanted it to be perfect. When I asked around who I should hire for such a shoot, there was an overwhelming response for me to look at Nicole Ashley’s work. After looking through only a couple images I knew she was the one! Everything from the emails to her team, to the experience, was perfect. It still blows me away that this beautiful, bubbly little blonde (haha!) was not only professional and fun, but that handed me over a product that I will cherish forever. These photos were for me and just me. I was so moved by what she created that I cried over the images- yes cried. I never thought I could look like that. Nicole brought out something in me that I thought I lost in my twenties, and I will be forever grateful. Thank you.

– Carol –

My Boudoir photo session with Nicole Ashley was fantastic! I had so much fun and she made me feel gorgeous! She knew exactly what I was going for and captured it perfectly; I would love to do it again! The photos turned out beautifully, it was a great experience and confidence booster! Thanks to Nicole for making me feel amazing!

– Lauren –

After 3 years and several hundreds of thousands of dollars creating an upcoming television series, the famed “William Morris Endeavor Agency” invited us to meet with them in Beverly Hills. This was the biggest “break” of our 12 years in the entertainment business. Facing the most important presentation of our careers, we trusted Nicole Ashley with all of our photographic needs. We were not only presenting an upcoming television series, but we were also presenting an entire production team and it was of the utmost importance that Nicole capture both our professionalism as well as our contemporary, cutting edge style… and Nicole nailed it. Creating an image that balances between professional and trustworthy to chic and trendsetting is not a simple task. Nicole chose the location, wardrobe, lighting and our poses. It was a perfectly choreographed session that resulted in images that our publicist will be submitting to pop culture and entertainment magazines and I will be presenting at the WME meeting. I believe Nicole is one of the top upcoming people in her field and I can’t recommend her strongly enough!

– Darin Steckler President Noukei Ma Productions –

My boudoir shoot with Nicole was a blast! It was the first time I have ever done something like this and the entire experience was amazing. My pictures were beautiful and my boyfriend LOVED them. Her stylist and hair/makeup team were also incredible. Nicole has so much skill, passion and creativity and she always seems to know how to bring out the best in people. I have and will continue to recommend her highly to my friends and family! Thanks Nicole!

– Michelle –

Nicole and her team did such an amazing job! My album went above my expectations. She made me feel comfortable and made our shoot so much fun. I will definitely use Nicole for many more pictures in the future! Thank you so much!!

– Kelly –

Wow Nicole!!! You have captured time as it stood still on the busiest day of our lives. The images are breathtaking. A smile comes to my lips and my eyes as I look at the photos and try to relive each and every detail, Bonnie putting on Wayne’s boutonniere, Wayne’s hand on Tyson’s shoulder, Tenille and Tyson alongside the shed, and I love the tin cans! Each photo has sealed the memory and your clarity and creativity is second to none. Gone are the days of standing in groups of three in a straight line, say cheese. With your insight into seeing the details of the dress, the flowers, the landscape, the warm touches, the look that says nothing but in reality it says it all. But mostly you have captured my heart, THANK YOU for the precise, FUN, upbeat approach to organizing, arranging, and seeing the moments that we were in involved in and allowing us to maintain it in our hearts and in our photos forever.

– Maureen Polack –

Nicole Ashley did an amazing job capturing my wedding day!! You can feel the emotion in the pictures and see our personalities shine. She made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera and her warm personality made the photos so enjoyable. She is very talented and creative. The pictures are something I will cherish forever!!

– Tenille Hagman –

Nicole was our Game Day photographer for social media in the 2011 season and her photographic eye brought our game to life for all our fans. Her photos were posted to our Facebook page and website and received an incredible amount of attention and praise from our fans. We continue to use the photos she took in our advertising and promotional material. Not only did she provide us with great photographs, we keep receiving calls and e-mails complimenting her upbeat attitude during the games. For her attitude and work, we are grateful she was a part of the Edmonton Rush.

– The Edmonton Rush –

This was my first Boudoir photoshoot and all I have to say is that it was a lot of fun!! Wonderful experience! Nicole made me feel very comfortable. The photos turned out amazing- even better than I expected!! My friends love them and definitely, I would refer them to Nicole.

– Stella –

My photoshoot with Nicole Ashley made for a fun afternoon, with some brilliant results. Nicole was creative in finding the right environment and scene for my music promotional shots. I am very pleased with the quality of the photos and would not hesitate to contact Nicole Ashley in the future.

– Marty Pawlina, Folk Musician in Edmonton, AB, Canada –

I have had the pleasure of working with Nicole numerous times this past summer and each time it has been nothing short of an absolute pleasure. For me, when I’m operating my small business, it is important to get it right the first time and with Nicole, it has never been anything short of that. My business takes place in the very fast-paced entertainment industry, and Nicole has had no problem keeping up. Sometimes, I’m keeping up with her!! When it comes to shooting a fashion set a club show or a multi-million dollar Rock Festival, with Nicole behind the lens, there are never any issues. Nicole, thanks for all of your hard work and I look forward to many, many more gigs together! I encourage you to pass on my information, below, to any potential customers for a reference.

– Bimal Lakshman Operations / Producer- Synergy Event Services Inc.- Tour Manager Country Singer, Brett Kissel-