October 10, 2020

Real connection, real moments= a real good time

Having your photo taken can be really intimidating. Trust me- I get it. Most clients email apologies or show up at sessions stating they never take good photos or that they are always awkward in them. So please do not feel alone if you share the same worries! With proper direction, focusing on real moments and working with an artist that is the right fit for you- magic can happen.I have a knack for meeting people on the spot and being able to photograph them in a way they will love. This comes from years of working with people all over the world, mastering my craft in terms of lighting, posing, retouching as well as asking a series of questions at the beginning of our session to better understand what you are hoping to achieve. Being able to exercise these techniques while ensuring you have an amazing experience is deeply important to me- which is why I am very particular of what I take on. In order to give the best experience to my clients, making sure I am the right fit (artistically) for them is important. If you are looking for simple or staged smiling shots, I am not the right artist for you. If you are shopping around for a deal, again, I am not the artist for you.

I pour everything I have into my sessions and into my couples and therefore creating a customized and personalized experience is everything. Whether that be the storytelling direction of our session (let's skip the awkward walking in a park photos and create a real date!) to chatting out details of how we can personalize your wedding day to truly represent who you are, it all matters. There is a lot of pressure when it comes to getting married and it's easy to get lost in the hype of what you think you should do. As someone who has witnessed hundreds of weddings I have a wealth of knowledge in this area so if you have questions about timelines, lighting, decor, locations, etc- I'm here for you.

When you work with me, even your retouching process is tailored- none of it is cookie cutter. Highlighting your most-loved features, and chatting openly about your least allow me to focus on what matters to you. The retouching process for me is boutique and very detailed orientated and takes several weeks to do so properly. I want to give you my best work possible and not rush your memories in the meantime.

*90% of my work is based off referrals and my work tends to book 1-2 years in advance.

Let's create artwork for you to look back on when you are much older and grey that will bring a rush of excitement about such a special time in your life. It is so much more than photos, it's your legacy.

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