Hey Friends! I decided to feature some of the modern wedding trends for weddings in 2018 with the help of Blue Nile!

An overarching theme we’re seeing at weddings in 2018 is personalization. Which I love! More and more modern couples are proving to want their big day to be representative of their personalities and stand out from the rest. From original themes to unique dessert options, personalization is important in all aspects of planning a wedding this year. We’ve compiled a few trending themes to showcase fun trends hitting the wedding circuit.

  1. Unexpected Entertainment – A lot of couples are leaning away from traditional wedding favours and are opting for something experience-based instead. Some fun options include experiential theatre performances, roaming sketch artists and astrologists to entertain your guests throughout the night.
  2. More greenery/wild looking bouquets- My brides, in particular, are choosing this romantic look vs the tight round ones. Ribbons and unique structure for bouquets are also been seen. This includes hoops with flowers on them, succulents, and more visible greenery than ever. These wild looking bouquets look more natural for brides to hold and less like a prop!
  3. Writing your own vows –  With traditional ceremonies taking a back seat, a lot of couples opt to include the most personal touch of writing their own vows. While writing your own vows is no small task, the beauty of giving your guests a glimpse into your relationship is well worth it. A few simple tips to live by when writing your own vows include taking a deep look into what you love most about your partner, what type of spouse you want to be, and fill your notes with your heart before you take a moment to edit what you’ve written down!
  4. Rose gold engagement rings – A lot of brides are opting to sport engagement rings with a trendy twist on a classic look with rose gold. Mixed metal rings, such as white gold, are popular this year, and rose gold takes the wedding cake. Rose gold features a beautiful pink hue and looks stunning in engagement rings of all styles. You can view some of Blue Nile’s styles here
  5. After Party – There’s more emphasis now than ever on “the party after the party”.  Don’t get us wrong, the reception will be as important as ever, but extending the celebration longer is more important and planned than ever before. From adding speciality late-night food options to moving the party to a planned alternate location, there are plenty of ways to celebrate late into the night together.
  6. Creative Place Cards – There’s a popular trend of thinking outside the box when it comes to seating directing guests to their tables. From unexpected mediums such as plants to edible markers like macarons, couples are getting creative when it comes to escort cards and seating displays. A lot of couples are adding a more personal touch of ushers gently guiding family and friends to their places as well.
  7. Metallic Details –  Copper and bronze accents are huge on the scene this year, showing up as candles in centrepieces, cake accents, vases, and glassware. Warm copper creates an atmosphere of comfort while bronze adds an element of sophistication and creativity for your big day.
  8. Wedding Cake alternatives – Donuts, macaroons, waffles, and ice cream sundae bars are just a few popular alternatives to wedding cake in 2018. Portion desserts have become popular because they closer represent the taste of the couple and stray away from the tradition of cutting the cake

Ultimately, these are just trends and it is important for each bride and groom to do what makes them happy on their day <3

I thought I would pair this write up with a few images from Brittney & Daniel’s wedding day after session! Brittney wished she had more dramatic photos in her romantic wedding dress so we decided to head to the mountains and create! This was a beautiful opportunity to take our time and get really lovely images out of it.

Hair/Makeup: Behind the Blush
Dress: Hayley Paige
Dress Boutique: Delica
Floral Crown: Willow Flower Co.

© nicole ashley photography

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Ashton Deakin
August 30, 2019
Where were these photos taken?
    October 22, 2019
    In Banff!

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