Joel & Becky | Prince Edward Island

Joel and Becky built their wedding around their passions for travel and food. They hosted their intimate weekend at Chef Michael Smiths legendary The Inn At Bay Fortune. What an incredible place! From the character buildings to the gardens and the most incredible staff- they hit the jackpot for unique destination wedding locations. This was the first wedding ever hosted at the lodge and it was truly a success- I hope they host more! Everything about this weekend was intimate, genuine and full of so much love. Becky and Joel enjoyed a slow morning before welcoming guests and getting ready for their day. I love that nothing felt rushed and everyone was able to soak up every single moment. After a beautiful ceremony and a sabrage celebration, guest’s enjoined champagne to the cheery music of a hired fiddler. They were then taken to different food stations around the gardens and given a tour of the grounds. We snuck away for a few quick portraits knowing we had plenty of time to shoot again during their next day session. Shortly after everyone was seated with anticipation for the infamous Fireworks feast. This was 4 hours of dining with incredible courses of curated food for their wedding. It was honestly the best food I have ever had in my life, and the guests all gushed the same. After speeches and very full stomachs, everyone made their way outside to enjoy marshmallows, wine, and fireworks! The night ended with everyone sitting around a huge bonfire reminiscing on the day. I am so grateful I was able to be apart of such a beautiful and intimate wedding. Thank you, Joel and Becky, from the bottom of my heart- it was perfect.

© nicole ashley photography

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