Lindsey & Darren | Golden

I was so thrilled to be asked to be apart of this Lindsey and Darren’s dreamy elopement in Yoho National Park. After being together for 15 years they decided to create their own dream wedding. They chose a heli elopement in the mountains because they wanted to combine their love for the outdoors, her love for mornings, as well as Darren’s experience working in helicopters as a Wildland firefighter- which he still refers to as the best job of his life. After months of planning they exchanged personalized vows at daybreak on the top of a mountain- it was incredible. We lucked out with amazing weather and the most beautiful sunrise. After their vows (and a lot of tears) we flew down for a breakfast where they were then joined by their families.  A lot a couples are torn with wanting intimate elopements vs. having the big wedding with family and friends. I love that people are now creating their own special ways to celebrate. Instead of choosing one or the other they did both! Up in the clouds they shared their private promises to one another and then shared legal vows with their families. It was seriously perfect. A big congratulations to Lindsey and Darren. I love that you created such a genuine, adventurous and loving way to celebrate. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of it.

Hair/Makeup: The Pretty Haus

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