Lisette + Nelson | Intimate Vancouver Wedding Part 2

This is part two of Lisette and Nelson’s wedding. The evening before we decided to go out and snap photos at sunset so they could soak up more time with family and friends on the day of. You can view that session here:
Although I cry at most of my couples weddings, I think Lisette and Nelson’s takes the cake for the most tears. We even laughed about how much we all cried. There was so much love and kindness shared on their day- it literally took my breath away. I loved how intimate and genuine it all was. There are some weddings that you just have to take a step back and wonder how you got so lucky to be able to be apart of the most important day of people’s lives. It’s an entire day surrounded by love. It can be very overwhelming…in a really beautiful way. Really thankful Lisette and Nelson’s was one I got to witness.

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