Recently I have found a new appreciation for the realness and sense of intimacy that comes with photographing couples in their own environment and this relaxed intimate at home couple session is no exception.  There is something about couples being in their own surroundings that puts them at ease. Personally I love getting to see a little more into my couple’s world by seeing their home. I find them to have so much more meaning to people rather than having pretty photos in a park setting. A few months ago I had the opportunity to photograph Mark and West in their cozy L.A. loft. They met almost 8 years ago in a coffee shop and fell in love immediately. In West’s words, it was like a Lana Del Ray song- he was completely caught off guard by Mark. We thought it would be fitting for me to document a slow Sunday morning for them, hanging out with their pets and of course enjoying coffee. I love documenting genuine intimacy between couples and I think it’s important to show the everyday life. There is so much beauty in what most deem as ordinary You can see some of the behind the scenes of this shoot in a short film I worked on here.
A big thank you to Mark and West for inviting me into their home and for the incredible session.

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